Adventure Club

Adventure Club was created to be a fun and meaningful way
for children to learn the theological lessons of the Bible. The full
curriculum is designed to create opportunities for parents and
children to have deeper discussions about God and the Bible. This
is accomplished through the lessons, memory verses, activities, and
adventure story that parents and children will be going through, at
home and while attending Adventure Club. It is our hope that the Lord
will use this program to plant the seed of the gospel into each child’s
heart, and that the children will come to know Jesus Christ as their
Lord and Savior.

The Adventure Club curriculum and kid’s books were designed to help
the child learn the theology of the Bible. These theological themes
are presented over 30 weeks and give key phrases summarizing what
each child will learn. Each lesson will have a memory verse pertaining
to the theological topic for them to memorize.
Parents are encouraged to help their child memorize the memory
verse each week. Every 6 weeks there will be a review lesson. This
will be the children’s opportunity to recite the memory verses they
learned over the past five weeks.

Adventure Club is a program of Grace Curriculum, and exists to glorify God through spreading the gospel
among our children, supporting our families, and strengthening the church. We seek to evangelize
children, encourage parents, and edify those who serve with this program.
God’s glory is the ultimate purpose for all things (Rom 11:36) and is inseparably linked to redemption
(Eph 1:12), through which regenerate man is given the desire and ability to please and praise God in
everything (1 Cor 10:31; 2 Cor 3:18). God established the church for His own glory and as a primary
means through which He is exalted (Eph 3:21) as it shares, defends, teaches, and embodies His truth
(1 Tim 3:15). The local church manifests that reality as it embraces its commission to evangelize the
lost, and equip and encourage the saints—including parents. Adventure Club seeks to help fulfill these
functions within the local church.

Adventure Club is a fun, energetic, Bible centered experience for kids that exists for the purpose of evangelizing our children and encouraging parents. Our children’s ministry has already been blessed by the weekly use of the program. Visit Grace Church for more info.