Who We Are

Bowmanville Baptist Church is affiliated with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada (FEBCC). Our church was started as a Sunday School mission of Calvary Baptist Church, Oshawa, in the 1930s. By God’s grace we subsequently grew to form our own local church. For some time we worshipped on Nelson St in an Adventist Chapel that had been moved all the way down from Solina! However, the Lord prospered his work among us to the extent that we were able to construct our own building at our current location. We have been here on Concession Road No. 3 since 1977.

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We seek to conform our teaching and life to God’s Word as the Spirit has revealed it in the Scriptures and in Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to the practical preaching and teaching of God’s word which reflects both his glorious grace shown to us in Christ and his call on us as disciples to live obedient to Christ’s teaching. We are committed to ongoing development of activities that meet the spiritual and physical needs of our people and of the community. Our goal is not so much to make the gospel relevant (it needs no such help!) as to make our lives, and the lives of all those whom God calls to follow Jesus with us, relevant to the gospel, which is the good news of God’s forgiveness of sinners in Jesus Christ his Son, and his adoption in him of us as his children.

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