Mission Statement

Bowmanville Baptist Church is a visible, intentional gathering of believers in Jesus Christ whose faith and practice obey the instruction and example of our Lord as taught in the Bible.

It is an open fellowship that by God’s grace calls people from all ethnic backgrounds to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and equips them for the Lord’s work of being effective witnesses in our church and community.

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We seek to see the Father glorified in our lives and in our church by our humble and joyful obedience to his commandments and our complete reliance on the grace He’s shown us in his Son. We plead with God to call our neighbours to repentance and faith as well, that they might know the joy and release of salvation and peace with God, and that together we might sing His praises. We want to have the opportunity to present the glorious Redeemer, Jesus the Son of God, to those who do not yet know Him.

We would invite you, if you do follow the Saviour and don’t have a local church, to come join us in this mission. We would invite you, if you do not follow Jesus, to permit us to attempt, by the Spirit, to present Him in all his glory and mercy.


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